Sludge Away ACF-SA

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ACF-SA  is an environmentally friendly, unique formula of aerobic, facultative and facultative- anaerobic as well as photo and chemosynthetic bacteria, blended with a vary rare humus derived from a leonardite deposit with a high concentration of humic acid and lower level of ash.  

ACF-SA helps speed microbial response to difficult-to-degrade organic matter resulting in significant reduction in sludge volumes through rapid oxidation of many slow-to-degrade organic compounds.

ACF-SA  is used in various types of waste water treatment systems, helping to improve effluent quality, reducing BOD, COD, and TSS discharge.

ACF-SA is effective in a broad range of climatic and wastewater conditions, working in pH levels ranging from 5.0 to 10.0, works faster between 6 to 9 pH, and at temperatures above 10 C.

ACF-SA is used for remediation of lakes and rivers, contaminated municipal & residual wastewater systems; helps waste management comply with environmental regulations; and reduces toxic levels of ammonia and related odors.

ACF-SA is non-toxic, non-pathogenic and is not harmful to humans, plants, animals, and aquatic life. 

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Percentage / Count

Water / Inert

~ 92.2%

Humic & Fulvic Acids


Viable Bacteria Cultures


Heterotrophic Bacteria

1.0 x 107 CFU/ml

Anaerobic Bacteria

1.0 x 107 CFU/ml

Photosynthetic Bacteria

1.0 x 106 CFU/ml


Reddish brown


Hydrogen Sulfide Odor

Boiling Point

212 F

Specific Gravity

Approximately  1.04

Volatile Percent by Volume

96.03 %

Velocity of Evaporation

Not determined

Solubility in Water


Density 20 a 25 °C

1.12 g/ml


6.5 A 8.0


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ACF-SA  is used for organic solids reduction wastewater treatment systems, applying 2 ppm to 20 ppm, based on influent flow, organic load and retention time.  

Dosage is volumetrically driven, and starts with an initial inoculation of between 15 to 20 ppm during the first week, and then over a two to three week period is reduced to a maintenance dosage of between 2 and 5 ppm per week thereafter.

ACF-SA may be used in conjunction with ACF-32 to optimize longer treatment.

ACF-SA is used in environmental applications where organic bottom sludge has built up over time.

The dosage required to degrade bottom sludge in lakes, ponds and rivers has many variables in order to develop an optimal treatment plan, and it is recommended that you contact your local agent/distributor for technical support. 

  HOTLINE - 0912 202 671

• Tăng cường phản ứng của vi sinh vật với các chất hữu cơ khó phân hủy.

• Làm giảm đáng kể 40% khối lượng bùn của hệ thống.


  HOTLINE - 0912 202 671

  • Lowered Sludge 28%
  • Reduced BOD & COD
  • Eliminated Odor
  • Stabilized Winter Ops
  • Lowered Operating Cost
  • System designed for 535K PE
  •  – significantly reduced organic bottom sludge and improved overall system performance
  •  – COD reduction of 60%, sludge disposal quantities reduced by 83%
  •  – 80% sludge reduction, 60% increase in throughput
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