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ACF-32  is an environmentally friendly, unique formula of aerobic, facultative and facultative-anaerobic as well as photo and chemosynthetic bacteria.

ACF-32  uses natural biological activity to recycle organic solids and is not hazardous, toxic or harmful to humans, animals, fish and plants. This product has a hydrogen sulfide odor that once opened will dissipate quickly.

ACF-32  is effective in a broad range of climatic and wastewater conditions, working in pH levels ranging from 5.0 to 10.0, works faster between 6 to 9 pH, and at temperatures above 10 C.

ACF-32 is used for remediation of lakes and rivers, contaminated municipal & residual wastewater systems; helps waste management comply with environmental regulations; and reduces toxic levels of ammonia and related odors.

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Effectiveness of Aquaclean ACF32 

How to use Aquaclean ACF32

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Percentage / Count

Water / Inert

~ 98.0%

Viable Bacteria Cultures


Heterotrophic Bacteria

1.0 x 107 CFU/ml

Anaerobic Bacteria

1.0 x 107 CFU/ml

Photosynthetic Bacteria

1.0 x 106 CFU/ml


Tannish brown


Hydrogen Sulfide Odor

Boiling Point

212 o F

Specific Gravity

Approximately  1.04

Volatile Percent by Volume


Velocity of Evaporation

Not determined

Solubility in Water


Density 20 a 25 °C

1.12 g/ml


6.5 A 8.0


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AQUACLEAN ACF-32 may be applied directly to wastewater and added at an initial rate of 20 ppm to 50 ppm with maintenance as low as 5 to 20 ppm.

The information and instructions for applications are subject to many variables. Please consult your local representative for assistance regarding specific usage rates. 

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"We used ACF32 to increase biomass and also reduced the slurry by 10%, reducing the odor by 10%. DGTT to reduce grease is very effective. "
"Aquaclean ACF32 wastewater microorganisms have a stable treatment effect".
"Aquaclean ACF32 helps to increase biomass and reduce BOD, COD by 20%, reduce sludge by 10%; while Aquaclean OC helps control odor for 2 hours. Safe for employees & their surroundings. "
"Aquaclean ACF32 has a rapid microbial growth, microbial stability, reduced BOD, COD 20%. Aquaclean OC controls the smell within 2 hours. "
"We have been using Aquaclean ACF-32, DGTT and N1 since 2007. BOD content is 85-90%, COD 85-90%, TSS 50%, Nitrogen Total: 60-70% Reduction of sludge: 30 minutes after sludge separation (20% volume) under optimal development conditions.
"We use the Aquaclean DGTT & Aquaclean ACF-32 from 2009 for the grease trap system, in the process of using the product very effectively, almost eliminating grease in the fat separator, no odor effect. Employees & Visitors: The output of the fat-separating tank is XL XL, no longer fat, BOD, COD, TSS meet the requirements of domestic wastewater. " 

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Wordwide effectiveness of Aquaclean ACF-32 in microbiological wastewater treatment:

  • South African Winery – COD reduction of 94% and total elimination of odors
  • Dairy and Juice Plant in Panama – aquatic life returned in 8 weeks to a previously septic wastewater lagoon
  • Blue Jean Wastewater – reduced pond discharge waters to 3 BOD
  • Coca-Cola Bottling in El Salvador – reduced COD by 84%
  • Palm Oil Effluent in Malaysia – significantly reduced organic bottom sludge and improved overall system performance
  • South African Dairy Processor – COD reduction of 60%, sludge disposal quantities reduced by 83%
  • Tannery in South Africa – 80% sludge reduction, 60% increase in throughput
  • Mexican Poultry Abattoir – eliminated odors and met EPA discharge standards in 3 months
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